Affiliate Application


Dear Applicant, 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors®. Please review this application carefully to fully understand these membership options. 

Membership procedures: 

Submit a COMPLETE application (including required attachments) online. Applications are processed within an average of three business days. Applicants for a membership shall be granted provisional membership. Provisional members will be subject to all the same privileges and obligations of membership. Provisional membership is granted subject to review of the application by the board of directors. If the board of directors determines that the individual does not meet all the qualifications for membership as established in the Association's Bylaws, or, if the individual does not satisfy all the requirements of membership within ninety (60) days from the Association's receipt of their application, membership may, at the discretion of the board of directors, be terminated. 

Application Requirements: 

✓ Submit complete application 

✓ Submit the following attachments:  color copy of your Government-issued ID & Applicable License(ie, Appraiser, Inspector,       Mortgage, etc.)

✓ Submit payment (ONCE APPROVED) either online or in person (if preferred or if using cash or check).

Complete New Member Orientation Course in person at the Association within (60) days of membership activation.

**Notification of approval of provisional membership will be provided to the email used on the application within (3) business days of Association receipt of completed application. Provisional membership will become active upon receipt of applicable dues & fees. If payment is being made online, credentials for access to the GEPAR member portal & GEPAR MLS will be sent via email within (24) hours of Association receipt of payment in full. 

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