MLS Unlicensed Administrative Assistant

Designated Broker (MLS Participant) I assume responsibility as per the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of GEPAR MLS, Inc. to allow MLS access for the assistant/secretary listed above. I further agree that, upon termination of employment of the assistant/secretary, I will notify GEPAR MLS immediately. In addition to a quarterly access fee of * $60.76 (tax included), the MLS Participant agrees to pay an issuance fee of $25.00 plus tax. I understand penalty charges will be incurred if I fail to notify GEPAR MLS of: - the applicants’ termination of employment or - if the applicant activates or obtains his/her Appraiser Trainee Certificate, Appraiser license, or real estate license. The MLS Board of Directors will enforce a non-refundable penalty fee of * $500.00. *USE OF COPYRIGHTED MLS COMPILATION Section 12.01 Secure Login: User to abide by automated security login by agreeing not to share ID and password with, but not limited to, any other user, agent, client, customer or non-member..

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