MLS Waiver

Waivers: Request for waivers of service charges may be submitted to the MLS Board by the Participant for those affiliated sales licensees who will not have a use for, and do not at any time use the service. Licensees who fall into this category are those who are in the specialty areas designated by the Board of MLS, including


•, Real Estate Instructors

• Waivers for disability may also be granted to subscribers for inactivity created by a medical condition.

• Military deployed outside the El Paso area for at least twelve months.

• Participants' agents who reside outside the El Paso area and do not have any current activity in the GEPAR Multiple Listing Service.

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Military Deployed Outside of El Paso for at least (12) months
Commercial Only
Real Estate Instructor
Medical Disability
Reside outside of El Paso MLS service area

Effective date 

Period of Requested Waiver End Date

Signature of Person Requesting Waiver.

Signature of Designated Realtor/Broker